Fashion story скачать на андроид - отличный вариант.

So I love that even though we live in multiple states we can play "Dress up" again. Но все в ваших руках: заказывайте модную одежду и аксессуары, заполнив все имеющиеся в магазине прилавки, позаботьтесь о разнообразии выбора нарядов: вечерних, повседневных, деловых — так, вы сможете привлечь новых клиенток и сделать их очень довольными. Вы строите Fashion Story своими руками. From what I read in other reviews iPhone users can sell makeup etc. You could even offer more options to earn gems. I want access to my store. Играть в эту игру можно бесплатно, но в ней есть предметы упрощающие игру, которые можно купить за реальные деньги. Подскажите, что нужно делать?! Как превратить маленький скромный магазинчик в популярный модный бутик с толпой покупателей?

This is also the reason I would NOT spend money on the app. Also I'm on level 35 or so and have received NO new goals. И Вы можете на этом хорошенько заработать. There so ugly no offense and there like all the same. Why not make this available to all users who support your game? I LOVE Fashion Story!! My only complaint would be the decoration prices. Мод Fashion Story на монеты и драгоценности сделает твой бутик самым лучшим. More goals would also be great.

The clothes sell really slowly + you only get 2 coins for 1 piece of clothing..... I'm confused as to why aren't the same clothes on my android device? Для рекламы вашей игры предлагаем - mob. If it weren't for that, I would have have 5 stars... New device can't access my store This is my favorite game ever. This why I say your diamonds cost to much. Вы также увлечётесь ею за достаточно короткий период времени.

I simply set before work and after everything is done. Its a fun game but could be better in that aspect. I simply install and uninstall. Storm8 Studios is the 1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android. Please fix this problem because I wasted a lot of time, I demand my gems back!!!

Still, I enjoys this game and all of the cute fashions that go along with it. My sister's and I play together all day. Unfortunately they've had some not very nice comments from obviously adults. You manage your own clothing store and decide what merchandise you sell and how you would like the store to aesthetically look. Now I'm an android user. Happy Union I like the game. This is also the reason I would NOT spend money on the app. I would love to have Autumn Allure again and the one with the lace shirt, pink ribbon, and pink skirt. Diamonds cost to much for the amount you get. Please continue to ask to download games for gems because it does help.

Fix this in the next update, please and thank you I love it!!! I feel like no matter what things that were bought with gems should have not been changed unless you were refunding gems also. Вы можете скачать бесплатный apk игры на телефоны Android прямо на этом сайте. However, the missions for expansion are ridiculous. Fashion-hungry consumers are on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to your hot new clothing boutique to open. Конечно, игра больше подойдёт особям женского пола, но многие из парней и мужчин также смогут отыскать в Fashion Story что-то увлекательное и для себя. I don't pay for my gems I work for them. Also the wait time for you to get items are ridiculously long only for it to expire if you dont get it in time. В каталоге не нужно регистрироваться что б скачать любой apk файл.

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  • This why I say your diamonds cost to much. But i like that each new app doesent take much space.